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The overlooked supercar’s there, the Bugatti EB110. Which is nice. A Porsche 959, AC Cobra and, yes, several McLarens make up Zak Brown’s incredible car collection. Zak Brown kicks off his collection with a few classic cars, modern super cars, as well as various F1 cars, a couple of NASCAR vehicles and WEC cars. They mix with newer vehicles like … “Easy to drive, very beautiful…, Follow the emotions of competitors in two of racing's most challenging events: the Nürburgring 24 Hours and Le Mans 24 Moto in a new video documentary, 2+4=24, Derek Bell will always be associated with Porsche but he began his F1 and Le Mans careers in Ferraris. By It’s a new project, apparently. Porsche 959? Need any more convincing that McLaren has a car nut at the helm? Friday 5th June, 2020 - 4:00pm. You get the same effect when you take in the extent of McLaren executive director Zak Brown’s car collection. It only took a short trundle out of the garage to know they had something. To the left sits Jody Scheckter’s history-making Wolf WR1 and an Alan Jones Williams FW07. Zak Brown doesn’t exactly keep his collection a secret, but to see them all under one roof, displayed and maintained in the manner each deserves… this is one chunky slice of nirvana for anyone who, like Brown, grew up falling in love with motor sport through the 1970s and into the ’90s. He’s amazed and enthralled by the giant scaly lawnmower, removing his hat and Serengetis to gape out of a hideous rectangle-headlight YJ Wrangler. Brown’s clearly a Senna fan, because there’s also his 1986 Lotus Renault Turbo and even his 1981 go-kart that he campaigned in the world championship. It’s also the first F1 car to ever use a Cosworth V8. REMEMBER that scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill first claps eyes on a dinosaur? Then, when the sheer scope of the rest of the park is evident, he staggers around for a bit as if he’s suffering the after-effects of a bad souvlaki. Further down the line there’s a trio of McLarens, once driven by a clutch of Formula 1’s biggest beasts: Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen, Lewis Hamilton. Then there’s Dan Gurney’s Can-Am McLaren M8D, a gorgeous Martini Lancia LC2 Group C and a Castrol IMSA Jaguar. Of course he’s got a Ferrari F40 and a Lamborghini Countach. The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. There’s even an original ’65 Shelby Cobra 289 in there, which could be called both. Fast forward to 1984 and there’s the beautiful Lancia LC2 that Bob Wollek took to pole position at Le Mans, beating the Ferraris by a margin of 11 seconds. Zakary Challen Brown (born November 7, 1971) is an American businessman and former professional racing driver, currently residing in England. It’s dizzying. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. Then there’s an original Honda NSX. At some point we really should close our mouths. But it’s when you begin to realise the depth of his competition car collection that you begin to look for a place to sit down. Hasn’t everyone? Next to it is Emerson Fittipaldi’s Penske PC18, the one in which he did win Indy. Of course it is. Realising belatedly that he was never going to put food on the table with a racing career, he founded Just Marketing International (JMI) in 1995, which has become the world’s largest motorsport marketing agency. Hats off to Zak Brown. It’s good to learn that there’s now an unreconstructed petrolhead who clearly knows what makes a great car in one of the big chairs at McLaren. That’s just beginner stuff. These are proper car guy cars. Try the following row of race bays. At this point you’re probably wondering what kind of remuneration package Brown is on at Woking. There’s the 1974 Lola T332 of Mario Andretti, Dale Earnhardt’s 1977 Chevy Nova, the Williams FW07B F1 car driven by Alan Jones to kick you off. Of course he’s got a Ferrari F40 and a Lamborghini Countach. Geek Speak: The tech behind the McLaren Speedtail, We take a look at the slick new tech beneath McLaren's sleek new Speedtail. To access your subscription or free account. “It was just so easy to drive,” says Eddie Jordan. McLaren's Zak Brown has the car collection of your wildest dreams November 25th 2020 The car collection of McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown is absolutely jaw-dropping, but as Damien Smith discovers, it’s kept in the same base as one of Britain’s fastest-rising race teams Get your monthly fix of news, reviews and stories on the greatest cars and minds in the automotive world. It’s the stuff of local automotive legend, but what really happened when Australia’s only McLaren F1 was crashed? It’s when you start on the older road cars in the collection that you realise Brown is a guy who gets it. To the right sits a 1980s Indycar: wow, it’s Mario Andretti’s 1987 Lola, the one in which he should have won his second Indy 500. VIDEO: Tour Zak Brown’s historic race car collection. Ayrton Senna’s 1984 Toleman TG-184 F1 car is there too, as is Mika Hakkinen’s 2001 McLaren MP4-16A, Jacques Villeneuve’s 1996 Williams FW18 and Nigel Mansell’s Williams FW11B. He had a modestly successful racing career between 1986 and 2000, competing in Indy Lights and Formula Three, the highlight on his resume being a second-place in class at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Upstairs on the mezzanine there’s much more: single-seaters, saloons from around the world, obscurities and oddities. When Zak Brown landed in cold and draughty England 30-odd years ago with dreams of becoming a racing driver, he was driven by his deep passion for motorsport rather than anything that really counted – such as a budget, for instance. He owns a motorsport company United Motorsports, which restores and maintains these cars. For a better experience, keep your browser up to date. That’s just beginner stuff. He is Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Racing with overall responsibility for the business, including strategic direction, operational performance, marketing and commercial development. Sign-up now for access to a limited number of articles. At the age of 44, former race-car driver turned Formula 1 business guru Zak Brown has amassed an array of one-of-a-kind cars to create a collection that's literally priceless. They mix with newer vehicles like an Aventador SV, a 2017 Ford GT, a Ferrari 599 GTO and he flies the corporate flag with a McLaren 675 LT Spider. A Lotus 79 stripped to its perfectly formed bare monocoque; then a Bobby Rahal Truesports March 84C, the one Adrian Newey designed, that looks more than a little tired. In fact he made his money long before joining the team at McLaren. We don’t know which way to look next. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. The business was acquired for US$76m in 2013 by CSM Sport & Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Yep. Design icons like the Ferrari 275 GTS, the Mercedes 190SL Roadster, a Corvette C2 Split Window and the Jaguar E-Type show a clear appreciation of a certain refined aesthetic. Car maintenance tasks you can do yourself, New cars aren’t exactly DIY-friendly, however there are a few tasks you can do should the need arise, The McLaren 600LT’s top-mounted exhaust isn’t just for show, Another perfect example of form following function, The unbelievable story of Australia’s crashed McLaren F1. The latest news, updates and more straight to your inbox, McLaren’s Zak Brown has the car collection of your wildest dreams, Unrivalled coverage of the entire motor sport industry available in print and digital, Fully searchable archives across over 200,000 pages, Insight and analysis on race history since 1924. Check here for latest versions. Ah, it’s Senna’s, the one in which he returned to karts to try and win the 1981 world championship in Parma. Black Friday Special Offer - save 50% on a 1 year subscription. Hasn’t everyone? A 1974 Capri Cologne RS3100 driven in the 1974 European Touring Car Championship by Jochen Mass is a classy touch as is Walter Rohrl’s 1988 Audi 200 Quattro Trans Am. © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited. Okay, so there are a couple of McLarens… but who can blame him? And what’s that little old-fashioned go-kart? The array of 24 race cars and 19 road cars isn’t the biggest collection we’ve ever seen, but it takes some beating in terms of selection. In this Motor Sport podcast, He looks back with vivid memory at his rollercoaster time with Enzo, Latest savings in the Motor Sport Black Friday 2020 sale: Deals of the Day plus savings & discounts on car & motor racing products for petrolheads   Save 10%…. Dating back to the ‘60s, his collection ranges from icons of design, to pure speed machines. Crikey. There’s Jackie Stewart’s March 701 that the man described by Max Mosley as a certified halfwit drove to the 1970 Formula One world championship. You get the same effect when you take in the extent of McLaren executive director Zak Brown’s car collection. Then, when the sheer scope of the rest of the park is evident, he staggers around for a bit as if he’s suffering the after-effects of a bad souvlaki. Brown clearly has an eye for a storied provenance. But Zak Brown’s personal garage isn’t just full of McLarens, it’s a trove of motoring history from both the road and the track. It’s almost as if he owns one of every racing car he ever had as a poster on his wall.

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