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If you’re Fated along the way, try to keep that Fortune Pile as slim as possible and only vanquish Heroes if you need to get the Talisman back. The more cards there are in your Fortune Pile, the less chance you have of revealing Rule New Orleans when you play The Cards Will Tell. Illusion Powder allows you to take up to two cards out of your Fortune Pile whenever a Hero is vanquished at that location. And we really don’t want those blocking us from resolving our revealed cards when we play The Cards Will Tell! And I need your generous assistance getting him back. They are both annoying, but to make it worse, he throws it into your Fortune pile, bulking it up! Ravensburger Disney Villainous: Dr. Facilier - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle New. By making all this happen at the Voodoo Emporium, you can Vanquish a Hero to reduce your Fortune Pile right before playing The Cards Will Tell. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Card type: EffectPut Rule New Orleans into the Fortune Pile. It’ll let you choose an Ally or Effect card from your discard pile and put it into your hand. Early on, Tiana is fantastic, making Dr. Facilier's normally fairly easy game a lot harder. That said, these should be second priority when playing Desperation or using Illusion Powder. Great theming or what? One more turn and you’ll have it back out, paying the 3 Power cost is a little annoying. You know what that means. Such great theming! It’ll take us three turns instead of two to save up enough money to play Rule New Orleans, the Talisman and The Cards Will Tell. Dr. Facilier's Realm contains the following locations, from left to right: The following cards are in Dr. Facilier's Villain deck: These include 11 total Allies (Masked Spirits; Shadow Spirits; Voodoo Dolls; Lawrence; Shadow Man), 4 total Conditions (Desperation; Terror), 10 total Effects (Friends on the Other Side; Sleight of Hand; The Cards Will Tell; Rule New Orleans), and 8 total Items (Masked Spirits; Frog Form; Cane; Illusion Powder; Talisman). If you have fewer than three cards in your Fortune Pile, reveal and resolve all of them. Number in deck: 2 | Card type: ConditionDuring their turn, if another player discards two or more cards, you may play Desperation. This is a great location early in the game while you’re searching for the cards you need because every action is useful to you. The Talisman is the source of your power! He can usually find his key cards fairly quickly, thanks to the fantastic Sleight of Hand, which should be played at every opportunity, but he is also sped up because his opponents will be effectively milling his deck whenever they play Almost There or Charlotte. The final card with movement abilities is the Cane. Fortune: Same Ability, then discard Sleight of Hand. Go The Bayou and use the actions to play two cards –  Rule New Orleans and the Talisman. [the heads glare] You play this straight to your Fortune pile, unlike other cards. Once your opponents start filling up your Fortune pile (and they will, if they're competent), you'll want to use Illusion Powder and Desperation to clear it out; keep an eye on how many cards your opponents are discarding. Nice! The more cards, the better you options and hopefully your fortune! And it can never be blocked by a Hero. You cannot use Cane to perform Fate actions. Charlotte is an annoying Hero to have played against you! CANNOT BE PUT INTO THE FORTUNE PILE. You can discard up to two cards from your Fortune Pile. Elke maand nieuwe releases van Loungefly! Some cards he plays go to the Fortune pile, while cards in his Fate deck can add other cards to it. The Cane is one of the best cards in your deck, and can also ensure a quick one-turn win. Keep it for recovering The Cards Will Tell. Dr. Facilier has a special mechanic called the Fortune pile. Reducing your cards draw when you play The Cards Will Tell by a third is pretty harsh. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without permission. It’s the green they neeeeed! That said, these should be second priority when playing Desperation or using Illusion Powder. Naveen’s ability is a little bit annoying because he can spread Heroes out across your Realm board to cover up more Actions. Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 0 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally/ItemNo additional Ability. You can be a little more aggressive with these than with Masked Spirits, as losing 2 Power can hurt a bit, but Shadow Spirits don't prevent you from winning when revealed from the Fortune pile. Dr Facilier must defeat the Hero to get the Talisman back to have a chance at winning. NEW Ravensburger Villainous "Dr. Facilier" FACTORY SEALED 1000 Puzzle Disney. Mama Odie is a cool Fate card to play too. Bel ons: +31(0) 653739741. This has to be one of the most annoying Fates to befall you! Then you’ll have to waste time defeating Heroes to get it back. Return the rest to the top of the deck in any order. Especially because he’s the highest power Ally in your Villain deck. get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens, 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories. He is from the movie The Princess and the Frog, released in 2009. Controlling a Hero with you voodoo! As soon as you add it to your Fortune Pile, your opponents will start Fating you to build up your pile! Jeder Spieler verfolgt sein ganz eigenes, düsteres Ziel um am Ende als … If the Cane is played, try to get Juju out as fast as possible. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: HeroWhen Charlotte is played, you may look at the top two cards of Dr Facilier’s deck and put any of them into the Fortune pile. If you can help it, don’t put Shadow Spirits into play. Go to Voodoo Emporium and play The Cards Will Tell. Luckily your Friends on the Other Side can step in to help you! Choose a card from the Fortune pile and put it into your hand. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: HeroWhen Eudora is defeated, choose an opponent. Keeping that Fortune Pile low is really going to help you get the Rule New Orleans card out of there when you’re ready for it. The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. They’ll come back to collect your debt later! Getting power is not a huge deal for you. The 4 actions at The Parade: Gain 2 Power, Play a Card, Discard Cards, Move an Item or Ally. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Card type: ItemIf Dr Facilier is at this location, you may perform one available action at an adjacent location. No! Always make sure you have 1 Power available when you’re well on the way to winning. Use the Move an Item or Ally option to get your Cane or Voodoo Dolls into decent positions that help you too. To make it worse, you really don’t want to move into his location at all and let your opponents put cards into your Fortune pile! The only challenge he faces (other than the usual shuffle luck) is his opponents adding cards to his Fortune pile, which they should be doing as often as they can. Double whammy, eh? Not only does your Fortune pile potentially increase with terrible cards (your opponents won’t put good ones in there! Erweiterung mit drei neuen Bösewichten: Böse Königin, Hades und Dr. Facilier. Better in your discard pile than your Fortune Pile. Cruella De Vil • Mother Gothel • Pete. They are his allies, but only because they think they are getting souls in return. The 4 actions at Tiana’s Place: Discard Cards, Gain 1 Power, Play a Card, Fate. Terror is a Condition card so you can play it for free on another person’s turn if they gain 3 or more Power. Number in deck: 1 | Strength 3 | Card type: HeroWhen Dr Facilier plays The Cards Will Tell, he reveals only two cards. The Cards Will Tell card is one of your strongest cards. The Bayou’s 3 Power is a tempting location to start on, but you must resist unless you already have the winning cards! Just don’t put it on an end location to maximise your options! The Voodoo Emporium is your only location with a Vanquish action so if you need to get rid of any pesky Heroes here’s where you’ll do it. Otherwise, the 2 Power is always going to be useful as is Play a Card. To win, Dr. Facilier must find and play Rule New Orleans and the Talisman, then move to his Voodoo Emporium and play The Cards Will Tell. 3 Copies: Friends on the Other Side • Masked Spirits • Shadow Spirits • Sleight of Hand • The Cards Will Tell • Voodoo Dolls The three Voodoo Dolls neatly control the movement of a Hero. Dr. Facilier may just be the sleeziest, creepiest Disney villain of all with his empty promises, betrayals and all around bad vibes. Voodoo Emporium • The Parade • Tiana's Place • The Bayou, Villain deck That said, he should still be using Discard Cards frequently: only hold onto your key cards, Sleight of Hand, the Cane, Illusion Powder, and maybe Friends on the Other Side. $24.49. How do the location actions compare on Dr Facilier’s board? I love the theming of this card. Scrabbling around in your Fortune pile to get what you need feels so fitting for Dr Facilier! Ideally, hang onto it until you have the Talisman and are in a good position to win. Put one into your hand. Those bonuses soon add up! There are two cards that’ll help you get cards into your hand. Or he can move Heroes away from the location where your Illusion Powder is played so you can’t take cards out of your Fortune pile when you vanquish someone there. Louis is an awful Fate to have played on you! Free shipping . Like with the Rule New Orleans card, only put the Talisman into play when you can use it. Once you’ve got it, you can Rule New Orleans! However, that’s the worst case. I had to upload this play-thru in two parts to make it work. If there is no Fortune action on a card when you play it from your Fortune Pile, just discard it. That 0 Power cost is tempting, but isn’t that just how your friends on the other side work? If you click a link and buy something, I may get a commission. Whenever you reveal a Masked Spirit from your Fortune Pile, you can only resolve Masked Spirits during that reveal. It really conveys the feeling of Dr Facilier living life on the edge! Disney Villainous ®: Wicked to the Core • Wicked to the Core is the second game in the Disney Villainous franchise and can be played as a stand-alone game (2 to 3 players) OR mixed with other Disney Villains from Villainous: The Worst Takes it All for an up to 6 player game! nun die lang ersehnte 1. Masked Spirits anyone? This is a great card for scrying through your deck to find the Talisman and Rule New Orleans. It’s the same with the Talisman. Ob Böse Königin, Hades oder Dr. Facilier, dem Zwielicht sind keine Grenzen gesetzt! Some cards can’t be played into the Fortune Pile these are clearly marked. For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories! It’s hugely helped by the 3 Power on The Bayou which can never be blocked by Heroes! You’ve got two Terror Condition cards that you can use whenever another player gains three or more Power on their turn. CANNOT BE PUT INTO THE FORTUNE PILE. To win as Dr Facilier in a perfect world you take these steps. Much like the Masked Spirits, my computer really has it in for Dr. Facilier. Each objective is unique to the story of the movie from which the villain hails from. Dr Facilier has a separate pile of cards that live face up below his board. Erweiterung mit drei neuen Bösewichten. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: ItemEach time you defeat a Hero at this location, you may choose up to two cards from the Fortune pile and put them into your discard pile. A trickster never gives away his secrets, so why should you? Dr. Facilier has a special mechanic called the Fortune pile. The Move an Item or Ally is a nice bonus here especially if you’re using it on Voodoo Dolls so you can move a Hero too. Zum Erfolgsspiel Villainous Böse Miene zum guten Spiel! If it's in the Voodoo Emporium, you can use it to access the Play a Card action at The Parade in order to play the Talisman and The Cards Will Tell in the same turn, winning before the Talisman can be stolen away from you. They are mostly on Ally cards but also on one Item card. Fortune: Play Shadow Man to the Voodoo Emporium. Only play Masked Spirits if you're going to Vanquish on the same turn; Frog Form is a much safer alternative. Locations Later in the game, however, this location is great. Prioritize removal of Masked Spirits and Shadow Spirits. This takes a little setting up but it is a very powerful way to remove cards from your Fortune Pile. Oh well, at least Ray isn’t adding cards to our Fortune pile! This Disney Villainous Dr Facilier strategy guide will reveal how to win as him, and how to stop him from winning. Try not to put it into your Fortune Pile too early and reveal to your opponents that you have the card you need to win! All the actions are useful and you’ll get a nice early Fate in too. As soon as your opponents see it in there, they will start adding cards to your Fortune pile! Because you need to play the Rule New Orleans card into the Fortune Pile and then play it from your Fortune Pile onto the board, you want to keep your Fortune Pile small. It sounds brilliant, but in reality, you won’t be defeating that many Heroes and you’d need to defeat them at this location too. When playing against Dr. Facilier, you want to get as many cards into the Fortune pile as possible, so Almost There is usually a safe option. Erweiterung mit drei neuen Bösewichten. Just make sure you time it carefully. The Talisman is the source of Dr Facilier’s powers so of course, he needs it in his control to win! Or even your Illusion Powder. nun die 1. It costs 3 Power but that extra action each turn can really give you the edge over your opponents especially if several of your top actions are blocked by Heroes! Dr Facilier’s cards are more evenly spread than I expected. Return the rest to the top of the deck in any order. This increases your chance of drawing Rule New Orleans. You’d better hope your Fortune pile is small otherwise it’s going to take loads of goes to draw Rule New Orleans! Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: EffectIf Dr Facilier is at the Voodoo Emporium, shuffle the Fortune pile, reveal three random cards from it, and resolve their Fortune Abilities in any order. The Illusion Powder item allows you to choose up to two cards from your Fortune Pile and discard them anytime you vanquish a Hero at its location. Use the Move an Item or Ally action whenever you can to make this happen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Play the Shadow Man there because he can take care of most Heroes on his own, and then use Voodoo Dolls to move Heroes to that location before vanquishing them. The two things you need to win and want most in the world. The best thing you can do to slow Dr Facilier down is increase the size of his Fortune Pile. Illusion Powder is an Item in Dr. Facilier's Villain deck. It’ll reduce the size of your Fortune Pile and you can play Terror to get The Cards Will Tell back from your discard pile. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: HeroWhen Big Daddy La Bouff is played, you may choose a card from the Fortune pile and return it to the top of Dr Facilier’s deck. It’s just like being Fated again. I like that you can get a card out of the pile, put it into your hand and then discard it. The final card you can use to remove cards from your Fortune pile is Illusion Powder. Use The Evening Star to get Masked Spirits and Shadow Spirits in there as well, or any Ally that's threatening a Hero holding the Talisman. The only cards you have to help you scry through your Villain deck and look for one of the cards you need to win. 1 Copy: Cane • Illusion Powder • Lawrence • Rule New Orleans • Shadow Man • Talisman, Fate deck Dr. Facilier is a very strong Villain, due in large part to the fact that he has very little in the way of moving parts if he isn't Fated. Fortune: Gain 2 Power, then discard Friends on the Other Side. It’s more important that you use the Discard Cards action on Tiana’s Place and The Parade. This isn’t too bad. Some cards a Fortune action on them. The 4 actions at the Voodoo Emporium: Gain 1 Power, Fate, Vanquish, Play a Card. Not this time. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 5 | Card type: HeroIf Dr Facilier moves to Louis’ location, Dr Facilier must reveal his hand to an opponent of his choice. Discard cards until you have Rule New Orleans, the Talisman, and The Cards Will Tell, collecting Power along the way. Some cards he plays go to the Fortune pile, while cards in his Fate deck can add other cards to it. There you are keeping that Fortune Pile nice and small and… bam! Cards without a Fortune effect are simply discarded if revealed. This is perfect if they have just stolen the Talisman from you. Disney Villainous Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Where will you be spending your time? Number in deck: 3 | Card type: EffectLook at the top three cards of Dr Facilier’s deck. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: HeroWhen Juju is played, you may choose one Item at his location and put it into the Fortune pile. To win, you need it in your possession when you activate Rule New Orleans. Like all the Disney Villainous villains, Dr Facilier has 30 cards in his villain deck. Taal: Nederlands Nederlands; Deutsch; English Inloggen. Ratigan • Scar • Yzma, Perfectly Wretched If you’re using them on your side of the board, they are Allies. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: AllyEach time a Hero is played to your Realm, you may move Lawrence to that Hero’s location. Three of your Power gain abilities are at the top of the realm board. Zum Erfolgsspiel Villainous "Böse Miene zum guten Spiel!" To beat Dr Facilier at Villainous here’s what to do and which Fate cards to play to annoy him. Best case scenario, they put another Ally in instead, but it’s still bulking up that Fortune pile. gibt es nun die 1. In the meantime, you can play it to thin out your Fortune pile if it gets too big. If he’s at the same location as Dr Facilier, when you move Dr Facilier he’ll follow him. Lawrence, Shadow Man and Voodoo Dolls are the best options (in that order), but Shadow Spirits can also do in a pinch. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: AllyBefore Dr Facilier moves, if Shadow Man is at his location, you may move Shadow Man with Dr Facilier. Most other Villains have multiple stages to achieving their Objective, where the Doctor only has to find three cards and play them, at a cost of only 7 Power.

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